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Top 5 Oldest Universities Around The World

Education is one of the most important aspect not from today but it is important from ancient times. Man has understood the importance of science and education from early days, he is trying to gain knowledge and trying to understand the various mysteries and secret of the universe.

Today like University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Stanford University etc. are renowned and world famous for their education but the humans have established various universities in ancient times also. Li Haidong is presenting you the list of Top 5 Oldest Universities Around The World. Bounty ResourcesBounty Resources ArmeniaBounty Resources Armenia LtdLi Haidong Singapore

1.) University of Takshashila: Ancient India ( Founded 700 BC)

The world's first University was established in Takshila or Taxila or Takshashila in Ancient India (now in Pakistan) around 700BC. Initially there was not much facilities but Over the time, some additional buildings were made, rulers started giving donations a…