Most Beautiful Cities of the World by Li Haidong Singapore

Li Haidong Singapore will tell you about the 5 Most Beautiful Cities on Earth. These are the some of the Most Beautiful Cities on Earth. Each one has some uniqueness, some character that can’t be imitated. This uniqueness makes them stand out in the whole world. Li Haidong Singapore believes these are some of the beautiful places to visit.

1:  Venice, Italy

In one word, this city is simply incomparable. From the accounts of the people who have actually visited it, Venice is a fairy tale come to life and only one unique enough to be called truly unique. The canals run through the city ad gondolas transport people from their home to wherever they wish to go. The romantic capital of the world has its own definition of life.

2: Paris, France

What is to say about Paris that has not already been said in poems or literature? From the Eiffel Tower to seine river, this land has beauty spilled all over it. The magnificent lighting of Eiffel tower every evening grinds the city to standstill. Locals and tourists soak in the wonder and light. The Champs Elysees (most expensive street in the world) has its own charisma.

3:Prague, Czech Republic

The city of spires. Prague boasts of a cultural and historical mix like no other place in the world. The buildings belonging to various periods of history can be found here. The Charles Bridge is one popular spot to actually soak into the historical wonder of this city. The Czech capital has a population of 2 million people. It is a world Heritage site with over numerous museums, theatre and art galleries.

4: Lisbon, Portugal

This is the biggest city of Portugal and among most beautiful one in the world. The best beauty is effortless one and the city of Lisbon is a perfect example. It wasn’t planned to be but today Lisbon offers a million dollar view at every step. Proudly sitting on the foot of many hills and running to the banks of river Tagus, Lisbon has the prowess to enchant with nothing but a look.

5: Rio de Janerio, Brazil

This city is said to be one of the most naturally beautiful city in the world. ‘The Marvellous City’ is the local name for this slice of heaven, the cobbled streets and lazy beaches make for a panoramic view from the famous Sugarloaf Mountain or by the Corcovado statue. The city has a wild nightlife with dance on the streets and the festivals of Rio need no introduction.


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